We're on a guarded launch.
Maximum deposit: 1000 MATIC.

Buy a DeFi portfolio
in one transaction

Easily diversify your crypto portfolio with the best of decentralized finance

How does a deposit in a portfolio work?

DeFi Basket makes all the necessary transactions for you.



You deposit in a portfolio of your liking.



DeFi Basket uses portfolio data to know how much to invest in each asset.



DeFi Basket groups all necessary transactions into one for you.


Portfolio ready

You own all the assets that composes the portfolio you chose.

DeFi Basket takes care of all transactions for you

We pool together all transactions that compose a portfolio every time you deposit or withdraw from it. No need to interact with a few different protocols and waste time and effort in executing a few dozen transactions.

Receive a token of ownership

Whenever you deposit money into a portfolio, you receive an NFT that tracks exactly how much you own of each investment that composes the portfolio. You can transfer it, lend or do anything else you can with an NFT.

Portfolios are safe from mismanagement

Portfolio allocations are flexible, meaning that you, as a portfolio holder, can change its allocation. Or to put it differently: even if you copy someone else's portfolio, sleep easy knowing that you hold full control over your own assets.


Check out what we have in store over the next few months! ✨


Add basic functionality

Enable deposits in any ERC20 token, improve swap routes, enable users to edit their current portfolios.


Focus on protocols integrations

Integrate our portfolios with Harvest, Balancer, Adamant, Curve and a few others.


Incentivize users

Launch token and ensure that users that are contributing value to the DeFi Basket protocol are properly rewarded.

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